Catherine Lawrence Adams

Cat presents Esoteric Repast on Fridays from 4-6pm. She describes herself as a photographer and artist of dark matter and theorised dimensions and her post-punk tunes can be heard on Brighton & Hove Green Radio in addition to her regular KGR slot.

DJ Baps

Under the moniker of DJ Baps, John Green presents Foundation Music every Thursday from 9pm till 2am from Cornerstonemusik based in Oxford. John has been a DJ for some 50 years. Originally based in the west country with a reggae record shop and sound system in the 70’s before moving to London and then Oxford in 1980, he has played all over the UK including festivals like Big Green Gathering, Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Field Manoeuvres and Common People. Now specialising in reggae and ska radio with a huge international following and the support of many of the world’s leading reggae performers and breakthrough artists, John also has a show on Oxford Community Radio Destiny 105FM.

Ben Boye

At the new time of 4-6pm on Fridays, Ben presents Afro Vibes, a vibrant weekly 2-hour African influenced music show focusing on classic and contemporary music from the stimulating continent and beyond. With special guest interviews and occasional live sessions, Ben also takes time to express his passions on issues that affect the future including African and international environmental issues.

Gam Gurung

Gan Gurung presents The Everest Show, a one-hour show broadcast every Wednesday from 2–3pm. Drawing on personal experiences from its presenter, the show focuses on Nepalese culture and traditions such as the famous Gurkha soldiers. Gam also plays all kinds of Nepalese music!

John Johnson

JPJ on a Sunday is live from 4-6.30pm every Sunday. A regular host for some year, John brings along his own music and doesn’t use a playlist as the whole show is off the top of his head. You can hear a wide eccentric range of music; he even finished one show with Stockhausen, so never be surprised at what you may hear! John aims to vary each show so each one sounds different and includes a bit of banter with Sam to add further colour.

Joe Iles

Joe Iles hosts Mojo Express, a weekly two-hour foray into a feast of globally-sourced, conscious music, with the emphasis on sounds that soothe the soul. Each week Joe takes you on a journey through the realms of afrobeat, jazz, funk, soul, reggae, electronica, a dash of Latin-infused beats and everything in between. Embrace yourself in the music, sit back and feel your soul being gently revived, live and direct every Saturday from 6-8pm. A truly sublime start to the serious business of the weekend.

Simone Kay

Simone is a local stained glass artist. On the third Thursday each month, she presents updates on local green projects such as Kingston Permaculture Reserve – a group initiative she helps organise providing people care once a month, usually making soup over the fire. Her radio guests have included women running their own businesses from a vegan skin product supplier and a bee keeper to an acupuncturist, a swimming teacher and a live musician. Guests get the chance to choose their own tracks while Simone is herself a big fan of Aussie permaculture wizards, the Formidable Vegetable Sound System and her partner Cliff also chips in with some tracks she describes as real gems.

LayDee LauRah

LayDee LauRah hosts the Local Artist Showcase every Wednesday from 6–7pm, playing local bands and artistes from across a wide musical spectrum and providing news and gig updates.

Andrew Maxwell Morris

Singer-songwriter-composer, Andrew Maxwell Morris writes from the heart and sings his quickly engaging songs with true passion. A Glastonbury regular, he is also a big hit in Russia after his song “Dust” was adopted as the theme song for a national TV series there (Youtube plays now over 18 million). Pozdravleniya! Andrew hosts an occasional Saturday Sessions show on Kingston Green Radio featuring live sessions and conversation with two acoustic acts; an intimate and rewarding time spent showcasing new, emerging talent and revealing fascinating insights into the songwriting craft. The show goes out live but is also edited later and put out on Mixcloud.

Henry Riley

Henry presents the current affairs show A Students Perspective on Kingston Green Radio. He is also the Station Manager at RAW 1251AM, the University of Warwick’s student radio station, as well as a news and travel presenter at Radio Jackie 107.8FM. Here in Kingston, he reports on local political stories and elections; this has included extensive coverage of the London Mayoral election interviewing Sadiq Khan, George Galloway and Sophia Walker among others plus local candidates in the general election. The show regularly features well-known political commentators while music is largely drawn from the current charts Henry did invite the ex-lead singer of Genesis, Ray Wilson, for an interview on the show ahead of an upcoming solo album. Henry’s podcast can be found here.


Raven-Marie hosts her Fitness Specials biweekly on Thursdays between 4-5pm. Fitness is an important part of her life; she completes the Richmond Parkrun every Saturday morning and also enjoys playing tennis and swimming. Raven-Marie’s show explores a range of fitness routines and highlights fitness events and activities across the borough.

Roger & Robin

The First Tuesday Club hosted by Roger & Robin is perhaps unsurprisingly on the first Tuesday of each month at 12-2pm. It’s a chance for listeners to take their brains out for a walk, with music to lift the heart and soul, though some people would like to think it’s just ‘tunes with some gabbling in between’. It is also the cheapest way of therapy as evidenced by this short dialogue! Robin: “I like digestive biscuits but I can’t eat them, so I let Roger have them because I know they’re his favourite biscuits. In another life, I was a shelf but I felt put upon.” Roger: “Not everything Robin says is true although the last thing he said was, I’m not Robin but we do work together. I’m extraordinarily knowledgeable on plants and many other things. I love the movies and I have performed on the West End stage!”


Sazrah’s radio show, Sazrah’s Soul Food, is every second Sunday of the month featuring soulful classics from Motown and neo-soul to electro-soul, funk and R’n’B. Sazrah’s shows are designed to help you erase the Sunday blues and relax. Some of her shows are themed and she loves to talk about feel good topics such as self-love or success stories. She is also keen to promote upcoming soulful artistes.

David Sharman

Want to hear some non-commercial music without the overused X-factor? David presents The Strange Boutique on Thursdays from 7-8pm majoring in punk and post-punk tunes.

Pedro in studio

Pedro Barros

Host of the Esperanza Show presented live from the N Studio in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, every Wednesday from 8-9.30pm. The shows plays an uplifting mix of the best new music from around the world and features exclusive interviews with the most exciting up-and-coming artists around!

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